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How To Make Contact Form Compliant With GDPR

I have a contact form which will be storing name, email address and phone number. How to make contact form compliant with GDPR

To make the contact form compliant with GDPR

  1. Add a checkbox with explicit consent text e.g I consent to having this website store my submitted information
    Here is the example
  2. Make sure the checkbox of explicit consent is positive opt-in and avoid use any methods to make checkbox was checked by default
  3. Including the following information from your privacy policy page
    • A way allow the personal data subject raise a complaint
    • How long the personal data will be stored?
    • How will the personal data be used?
    • What personal data is being collected?
    • What is the legal basis for processing the personal data
    • What rights does the personal data subject have?
    • Who is collecting the personal data?

How To Solve JQuery Conflict Issue

I have installed more than 2 different JavaScript libraries e.g jQuery,Mootools, Prototype on my site and have conflict issues

You can turn on no-conflict mode with jQuery

Could Not Catch The POST Value Of A Form

I have created scripts on my localhost when I tried to print out the post data, it returns nothing, However its working fine with GET

It’s more like caused by server configuration, I am not sure how did you install and configure your server, but can have a look following URL. Hope this can you help.

How to Fix WordPress Missing required field entry-title,Update,hCard Error

Recently I saw lots of structured error from my webmaster, when I tested my WordPress pages via Google Structured Data testing tools, I got the Following errors:
Error: Missing required field “entry-title”.
Error: Missing required field “updated”.
Error: Missing required hCard “author”. How to solve those issues

Just add / update the following codes then all issues will be gone.

How Can I Disable Magento Compare Products Functionality

How can I disable or remove the Magento products comparison feature

To disable or remove the Magento products comparison feature, you may need to modify file


and change the following code:


Edit ./app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/catalog.xml (if you are using a different Magento theme, enter its name instead of default) and change the following code:


Once its done, Need to flush the Magento cache from Magento backend area > System > Cache Management.

How To Display A Date With Your WebSite On Google Search Result Page

I would like to display a published / modified date next to my website on google search result page

Usually, when google crawl your page, will try to find date data. e.g
Google looks specifically for a date just under the first H1 tag

So you can use “schema” to tell google what is your published / modified date

here is example how to use “schema” to display the published / modified date