VtDirect Payment Module For Magento 2‏

Can you build a VtDirect Payment module for Magento 2 . We already have the VtDirect Payment Module for Magento. You can have a look https://github.com/veritrans/vtdirect-magento as reference.

WHMCS Avangate CreditCard API Gateway

I want a Payment Gateway in WHMCS, for that you will need to create a module to support payments, All Options should work like Transaction id get saved in WHMCS, Refunds, Recurring Payments etc

Note down that we need Avangate PCI compliance based integration. Customers credit card will be stored in within WHMCS

It should support payment option – Credit card

WooCommerce Mollie Gateway‏

When a customer orders the payment gateway is using another website’s payment gateway, and the items changed so the payment gateway can’t see what the customer actually bought.

I have a question if the relay website is the same host would the IP of the original website be the same? Like if my site is on the same host can they track it back to the main site

I asked hosting they say it can be traced if using multiple domains but I don’t know if the person is making it up so i’m checking again. otherwise I will move the site to another host

Need Swish Payment Plugin For Magento

There is a new payment system in Sweden now called Swish. It’s a brilliant system where if the customer chose Swish payment, the customer fill in his mobile number. And then an app will open if he accepts to pay x amount. When accepted it goes straight in to our backend that it’s paid. Very easy for us and even more for the customer. So would like to build a this payment system as plugin for magento