Add Currency In Site‏

Log in and click Ultimate Auctions pro on the left hand menu
Then click on the fees tab

Currently there is only ‘Fee Amount’ GBP 19.99

The client wants two extra options to have Euros and USD initially set to £19 / $28 / €25 (but changable like the GBP part is).

From the customer side:

Log in and click Ultimate Auctions pro on the left hand menu
Then click add auction.

Currently the only option is to pay the fee in GBP – so there would need to be 3 options in GBP / EURO / USD

Site Bug Fix‏

Use back button for some unknown reason, but they do,

And now Town (+€10) is dropped from the order total

Undercharging the client.. Can you help?

need to maintain the town delivery charge when someone goes back to the order page for some reason

the second problem is a strange delay on the page after order-details.php
we dont really need another page in the loop, it might be an old step, but it should just go from order-details.php to realex payment page.

this is the reason people are using the back button and the town gets dropped etc etc.

Upgrading Pages To SHA256‏

we have two fairly simple PHP pages that allow clients to pay invoices (through Redsys), they are currently using SHA1 but need to be upgraded to SHA256. (please confirm you understand the attached document, of which only up to page 11 is relevant) to us to help with this.

The current PHP pages we have will need to perform just as they are but with the upgraded SHA.

It has become urgent due to the client delivering this late to us, so I hope this could be done swiftly

SecureCommerce API For WooCommerce Payment

we are looking for someone to write a payment extension for Woocommerce.

Please check documentation for the particular gateway ( SecureCommerce API ) we are looking to integrate vendor we are looking to integrate with.

Changing The Image Size

I have a php page that when I enter the search terms (2 litre of milk) It goes to a superstore website and performs a search.

The resulting images are displayed. we select the ones we want and save them to a folder locally.

the code is working fine but it is saving the image from the search results

And I know there is a better image if i swap the numbers to _225x225.jpg

Fix Open Cart issue

Upgraded form php 5.4 to 5.5 and getting a few errors here

Warning: mysqli_query() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in /public_html/catalog/view/theme/test/template/module/category.tpl on line 35

QWIPI Payment Gateway for Magento

We need a Magento payment extension for QWIPI Payment Gateway. Needs to be able to switch currencies, turn 3D secure on and off, and be available to certain customer groups and/or customers from specific countries from admin.

A bit more detail on the specification:

The website charges customers in GBP, but QWIPI will charge the customers card in USD, so it would be nice if when they choose the QWIPI payment method at the checkout, it displays the amount of USD they will be charged.

Also if I could be able to set the minimum and maximum order total available for orders paid for by QWIPI in the Magento admin panel, that would be excellent.