Fix login issue and iDeal Integration in custom PHP

1. There is an error. User sign up and after sign up when they tried to login, getting error as follow.. They are inserting right captcha but it’s throwing an error

Error! This member was not found in the system. Or is inactive, banned or closed.

2. complete iDeal configuration process.
a) Check the current integration on the site and make changes if there is any and make the site ready for the required 7 mandatory tests.
b) Pass the required 7 mandatory tests and let’s test the gateway.
c) Fix bug if there is any while testing.

Klarna for Joomla Hikashop

To integrate Klarna you’ll need to follow the integration guides here:
Starting with the guides for the checkout and order management under Integrate Klarna.
You can download the Client library with example codes here:
To start with, I have created a test account for you to use so we can test that the connection between us and your website works as it should. You will use these credentials during the testing phase to get the checkout up and running:
So that’s pretty much it when it comes to the actual integration on the site, you should be able to access all the needed information on our developers-page.
We’d also want you to add our payments-logo to your front page:
Keep in mind that any credentials will work in the test-checkout so real customers will be able to “place orders”. So please make sure that the checkout is only up during testing or on a test-site.


Zen Cart 1.5.4 iCredit Payment Plugin

Need iCredit Payment Plugin for Zen cart 1.5.4 –  which will calculate the products , fees , taxes , delivery and etc.

Page will be shown in an iframe or new dedicated landing page in the site and get to landing pages as needed.