Modify Read Hall Cottage Booking System‏

1). Please can you remove the ‘wrapper’ page so that the landing page is the main home page. This we hope will improve Google indexing.

2). The main home/landing page. I have created just 4 main images that are to replace the current selection.

3). New Map section. Please review the pdf and PSD files. The page layout is similar to the ‘Gardens’ page.

4). I have added a ‘Special offers’ button at the bottom right of the page. This is to link to the ‘Prices’ page where we have a new area to input offer details. If this can be updated by us using Joomla CMS.

Modify Magento North Payment Module‏

I currently have a Magento module that takes payments using one particular gateway.
I need this modified to use a different payment gateway instead e.g iframe.

Magento Redirect Help

Im wondering if you can help me with an issue i have. I’m working on a new Magento site which will eventually replace the old site which uses jShop software. My question is can you write a short piece of code which will globally re-direct my old url’s to the new ones? If not i will need to re-write thousands of url’s Here are my URL’s: Old Examples Home: Section: Product: New Examples Home: Section: Product: