WooCommerce Australia Fastway Shipping Method - Completed

WooCommerce Australia Fastway Shipping Method



WordPress WooCommerce Australia Fastway Shipping plugin is Australia Fastway shipping method for WordPress WooCommerce.

* Calculate estimate delivery times and postage costs based on postcode and suburb
* Support shipping zone
* Surcharge (Fixed and Percentage)

Australia Fastway’s website: http://www.fastway.com.au

Fastway Couriers currently operates across key metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, offering a low cost and fast courier delivery service. Franchise opportunities also available.

If you need to more features with our free WordPress WooCommerce Australia Fastway Shipping plugin, please contact us.

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Q:There is a error message on my site – Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in wp-content/plugins/woo-australia-fastway-shipping-method/fastway-au-shipping-zone.php on line 350. How to fix it
A:Make sure each product has its own weight info
Q: Hi, just wondering how we get the API key that is needed for this plugin
A: You can get API key from http://au.api.fastway.org/latest/docs/page/GetAPIKey.html
Q: No shipping method displays in the cart or checkout even though the Fastway method is enabled
A: Double check if you have assigned the weight to the products.