WordPress Hacked Site Repair/Maintenance - Completed

WordPress Hacked Site Repair/Maintenance



The project requires the following tasks:

1) please backup the site and provide me with a copy;

2) locate and repair ALL hacked content (primarily WordPress URL Injection);

3) confirm that plugins are not the cause of the hack;

4) update the WordPress Installation, theme files, and plugins (I will provide files that are not automatically downloaded);

5) complete any optimizations improvements (such as slow admin loading times), SEO enhancements, and suggest any features that may improve the site;

6) clear the site’s transient database;

7) do a final check to make sure all plugins and files are up to date; and

8) backup the updated site and send me a copy.

Since, the hack, I sometimes receive the following error (or something like it, depending on the page that is loading): Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1504 bytes) in wp-db.php on line 1780

I also see that our MailChimp plugin is not appearing on the site. It used to appear when the user clicked the upper right hand corner “Newsletter link” and there was also a form in the footer. Repairing this issue is an important part of this project.