How Can I Remove Malware For My Magento Store

I have a Magento store but got malware last week. How can I find our the malware codes from my Magento store and remove it

To remove malware by yourself, you will need programming skills. It is not easy and may take your time to identify the malware codes.

However, it does not mean you can do nothing. you still can use plugin/extension to scan your site.

1. Remove malware from Magento via cPanel virus scanner

if you are using cPanel, log in the cPanel and move to “advanced” section. Then click “Virus Scanner” to scan your Magento store ( you can scan Mail, Entire Home Directory, Public FTP Space, Public Web Space).

* This method only for cPanel & WHM version 62 or over.
* This method only can be found if you / your hosting provider install the ClamAV Scanner software in WHM’s Manage Plugins interface (Home >> cPanel >> Manage Plugins).

2. Remove malware from Magento if you are using VPS/Dedicated server

If you have a Magento store host on a VPS or Dedicated Server, you need to install Linux virus scanner software. e.g “Linux Malware Detect”

Once installed the software, just run the command

and see the results.

To make your site secure, find a good hosting always is the easy way.

SiteGround is the best choice, which I have used for my clients over the last 3 years.
They have Magento plans which are using Magento Optimized Server, so can make both yours and your customers’ experience with your Magento store really fast and enjoyable and help you to increase the conversation rate.
Also, SiteGround offer site scanning service – SG Site Scanner (It is powered by one of the most prominent web security experts –,) which scans all the pages that are linked on your website homepage (or any other page you have select) on a daily basis.

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