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How To Execute Woocommerce Payment Programmatically

How to trigger Woocommerce payment process like checkout but it should process in the background

To trigger Woocommerce payment process, need to call “process_payment” method. Here is an example to process Woocommerce payment programmatically.

Create A WordPress Woocommerce Coupon Programatically

How can I create a WordPress Woocommerce coupon programmatically

The Woocommerce coupon is kind of post. Its similar to creating a post.

How Can I Create An Woocommerce Order Programmatically

How can I create an Woocommerce Order Programmatically

You can use wc_create_order() to setup an Woocommerce order object and assign data you would like.

How To Check Whether An WooCommerce Order Has A Specific Shipping Method Programmatically

How can I check the WooCommerce order has been shipped by a specific shipping method programmatically

You can use WooCommerce method has_shipping_method to check whether an WooCommerce order has a specific shipping method.